Lorenz finished his university education in the year 2000 in Bern, Switzerland. After working as an anesthesiologist in Lucerne, as an emergency physician on helicopters in the Swiss Alps and as a researcher and clinician in Miami, USA, he returned to Bern as senior consultant anaesthesiologist at the Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine, University Hospital of Bern, Switzerland.

He is the head of the Division of Ambulatory Anaesthesia and of the Division of Anaesthesia for Emergency Medicine and Prehospital Medicine. He also works as a medical research consultant for the Swiss Air-Rescue Ambulance based in Zurich, Switzerland. Lorenz is board member and co-secretary of the European Airway Management Society and a member of the ESA scientific subcommittee 10, "Resuscitation, Emergency Medicine and Trauma”. His main research interest is Difficult Airway Management, but he also published on topics of cannabinoids, coagulation and emergency care. When not working, he usually takes his family to outdoor mountain activities all year round.



Secretary shall maintain and preserve the records of this Society, and direct the Administrative Secretariat of this Society.

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