Massimiliano is an airway enthusiastic anesthesiologist working in  a large University hospital in Catania, Italy, with amazing view between mount Etna, Mediterranean sea and centuries of history.

He has been working in different Specialties in Operatory Room and in ICU, and he is also  in charge for Airway Management teaching programs in postgraduate School in Anesthesia and Intensive Care in University of Catania. He is actually coordinating the Italian national Society of Anesthesia Airway Management research group and he is speaker in many congresses, workshops and scientific meeting in Italy and worldwide, where he enjoys in meeting international airway experts and friends and enthusiastic people which whom to share knowledge and experiences.

He is also author or co-author of many scientific papers, books, websites modules and e-learning platforms.

When he is not working or sitting in front of his Mac, you could find him travelling with Ivana or diving down deep his beloved Mediterranean sea. 

Massimiliano Sorbello, MD
Anesthesia and Intensive Care
AOU Policlinico Vittorio Emanuele
Catania - Italy
Postgraduate School Anesthesia and Intensive Care University of Catania
SIAARTI Airway Management Study Group Task Force - Coordinator
European Airway Management Society Board Member
(H) +39 (0)95 7435268
(M) +39 349 6277107


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