hodzovic5870Iljaz is a clinical academic at the prestigious Wales School of Medicine, Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. Following graduation from Belgrade Medical School in Serbia his career took him to the United Kingdom where he became a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists and Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University. His main clinical interests are major ENT cancer surgery and anaesthesia for major Upper and Lower GI surgery. 

Iljaz is a lifelong airway management enthusiast. He has published extensively in the field of difficult airway management with over 100 publications in the peer reviewed journals. Much of his work is related to the evaluation of the equipment used for difficult airway management. Iljaz is invited reviewer for submissions to a number of the national and international peer reviewed anaesthesia journals. Iljaz runs clinical research and statistics courses for Cardiff University and is a member of the Innovation Committees of the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board. He chairs Welsh airway management society (AWAG), which organises a number of airway management courses for anaesthetists and emergency physicians. 

Whenever a free moment, Iljaz is out in the open sailing Irish and Adriatic seas, long distance cycling or off-piste skiing.

Iljas Hodzovic


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