Dr. Ruediger „Rudy“ Noppens is an associate professor of anesthesiology at LHSC-University Hospital in Ontario, Canada. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the field of neurosciences at Oregon Health & Science University, USA. Dr. Noppens is active as both a clinician and a research scientist. As a clinician he is not just part of the anesthesia team but also works in pre-hospital emergency medicine as a rescue helicopter doctor and serves as a chief emergency physician. His clinical research pursuits have included strategies for airway management, innovative airway devices in anesthesia and non-invasive hemoglobin monitoring. Dr. Noppens has also studied experimental ischemia in a variety of animal models. He has worked on strategies for preconditioning and reperfusion after experimental brain ischemia as well as mechanisms on neuronal injury. He serves currently as chairman of the taskforce on Airway management of the German Society of Anesthesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine as well as treasurer for the European Airway Management Society.

Ruediger Noppens, MD, PhD
Assoc. Professor of Anesthesia, Director of Neuroanesthesia
Department of Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine
LHSC-University Hospital
Western University, London, ON, Canada
339 Windermere Road
London, Ontario, Canada
N6A 5A5


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