Michael is a primarily a clinician (!), performing, supervising and teaching anaesthesia at a busy tertiary referral centre.  The main occupation is anaesthesia for ENT, Head-, Neck- and Maxillofacial Surgery at Rigshospitalet, University Hospital of Copenhagen, where he is head of development, research and clinical implementation.

The primary clinical and scientific interest is airway management. As part of his training Michael had clinical work in the fields of pulmonology and thoracic surgery in order to master the elements of airway management that could be learned from these medical specialties.

Together with colleagues from around the entire world Michael is continuously driving research and publishing scientific papers related to airway management

Actual organizational posts: Chair, International liaison’s’ committee, Society for Airway Management (SAM).

Scientific and planning head, The Scandinavian international airway management course Airway Management for Aanesthesiologists, airwaymanagement.dk.



The President-Elect shall witness the administration of the affairs of the Society in anticipation of the term of office as President. The President-Elect shall serve in such other positions as provided in these By-Laws and as directed by the President.

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