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This month's article, chosen by Dr. Michael Seltz Kristensen, is a reminder that: if difficult/failed direct laryngoscopy is expected we must: 1) at least consider awake intubation... and 2) if we decide to induce anaesthesia we must not soleley rely on the success of an angulated videolaryngoscope, but we must have other rescue options avalable, including alternative techniques for intubation and a plan that is predicted to be successfull for ventilation/front of neck access. 

Arslan Zİ: The Channelled Airtraq® as a Rescue Device Following Failed Expected Difficult Intubation withArslan Zİ. The Channelled Airtraq® as a Rescue Device Following Failed Expected Difficult Intubation withan Angulated Video Laryngoscope. Turk J Anaesthesiol Reanim 2018; 46(5): 399-401.

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